Whether you’re moving for the first time or not, some suggestions can assist you with the details to plan and accomplish one of the best moving experiences you’ve ever had.

Moving is not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but a little planning makes the whole moving process a little more bearable. Keep in mind: summer is the busiest time of year for moving, meaning prices are probably going to be a little higher. If you still plan to move in the summer, make sure to get moving estimates at least two months prior to your target moving date. Keep all estimates and other papers together in one place.

All of your valuable documents such as – titles, deeds, birth certificates, bank, medical, and school records, etc. should be placed all in one box or container, along with other valuable items you would like to keep close by. You should transport all these items yourself on moving day.

Lists are absolutely essential all throughout the moving process. Lists are a tremendous helping hand when discussing your relocation with the moving company. List all bills, loans, credit card payments, mortgages, any monthly payments you need to remember, all future notifications- services, health providers, etc.

It is easy to miss things when packing up your home or office. Double check every room to make sure you didn’t forget to pack anything. It is a good idea to decide what you want to take with you before you move to your new location. The less you carry. The less a move will cost You will need a good amount of moving supplies. Probably more then you think. It is normal for items that need to be packed to pop up out of nowhere. Make sure to collect plenty of strong durable boxes, strong plastic packing tape and packing paper and bubble wrap.

Give your movers specific information about the size and shape of the unusual rooms, passageways, driveways, and doorways in your present and new location. You should also talk to them about parking permits and space issues.

It’s important that you choose a company that has a DOT license. Avoid companies without one.